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Corporate Workshops

 Corporate + Team Building Workshops

Science may never come up with a better office system than the coffee break.” – Earl Wilson

Barista Schools Perths’ Corporate Workshops offer an awesome alternative to traditional team building programs for businesses, teams and schools. They are fun, quirky and inclusive catering for all ages and physical abilities. Corporate team building workshops are an essential tool for extracting the best from your workforce. A strong team often mean the difference between the success or failure of a project. Having staff work smarter not harder will always generate a better bottom line.

I’ll be recommending this type of event for other teams. We all had a great time learning and having a go at making our own coffees. I’m not ready for prime time, but I do know more about the art of making a good cup of coffee! -Kelly Thornton, Chevron

Package One: Coffee Tasting and Demonstration

$80 per person |2 hrs | 10+ participants

Sit back and discover the rich international history of coffee, the sophisticated process of roasting and technical steps necessary to make the world’s most popular drink. Learn what it takes to make outstanding beverages typically found on a café menu while engaging with our resident coffee expert Barista Trainers.

Workshops are very entertaining leaving you with a wealth of knowledge that is destined to impress!

What to expect:
This course is designed for large groups, where each member can fully immerse themselves into the fascinating world of coffee – and even have the chance to demonstrate what they have learnt and have a go at making their very own professional espresso!

*Dates and times flexible, contact us at for more information.

Package 2: Interactive Barista Course

$130 per person | 4hrs |6-12 participants

Become an overnight Barista with the Interactive Barista Class. Indulge your love for coffee by learning how to use a commercial grade coffee machine.

Discover the secrets of dosing and tamping, how to pour a perfect espresso shot, the art of milk texturing and how to create specialty drinks on a café menu.

Learn about the history of coffee and the origins and characteristics of different beans. Find out how to choose the ideal bag of coffee and how to maintain your coffee machine.

What to expect;
With lots of practical time for hands on experience, this workshop is the perfect team building experience and is extremely good fun complete with amusing awards and prizes for the best tasting coffee!

*Dates and times flexible, contact us at for more information.

Package 3: Coffee Roasting Course

$60 per person | 2 hrs | 10+ participants

Join our Head Roaster at Jessie’s Roasting Co on the factory floor for a fascinating master class covering the history and technical artisan skill of coffee roasting in order to produce quality coffee beans served in our affiliated café, Jessie’s Café as well as in our weekly barista training classes.

A unique experience for your team to share, discover how coffee beans are grown and the distinct flavours and characteristics derived from different regions of the world.

What to expect;
Study how different beans and blends complement certain coffee beverages. Find out how roasting styles affect flavour, the best way to store roasted coffee and how to package for market.

*Dates and times flexible, contact us at for more information.

*CATERING OPTIONS: Light catering is provided from our affiliated café, Jessie’s Café for all participants, however if you would prefer full catering for an additional $10 per head, we can arrange for this as well as provide a menu prior to the workshop.

Our team building workshops are interactive with participants sharing machines and workstations. This fosters better and more open communication between staff and upper management contributing to higher levels of staff efficiency. Open communication is critical to building trust amongst employees and ensuring workplace productivity.

The atmosphere of our workshops is relaxed and fun creating the perfect environment to learn a new life skill, build confidence and engage with fellow work mates. As most people are new to making professional coffee the workshops are a great staff leveler. You may be surprised to discover who within the team member will excel at this exciting and challenging task.

Barista School Perth workshops are a fabulous reward for good work because they are entertaining and enjoyable. Most people love a good coffee but haven’t had the opportunity to learn how to make one. Our workshops are also a great incentive to
motivate staff towards reaching a goal.



Small teams are comfortably catered for in our own private function room at Jessies’s Café. The café is conveniently located in Myaree, 10 min south of Perth City. Parking is available on site at the door.


We are flexible with timing due to the nature of typical workplace hours, and can accommodate bookings between 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday.


Our courses have all been designed our passionate and experienced Barista Trainers and Head Roaster from affiliated business, Jessie’s Roasting Co. The BSP Team’s wealth of knowledge will inspire you and your colleagues as they take you on a journey from bean to cup.

Each participant will leave with a goodie bag & our Barista Trainer can also arrange for an online version of your team photo to be emailed to your Human Resources Department.

If you require any additional information or would like to make a bespoke booking – please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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