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School Holiday Program

Special Edition: School Holiday Barista Program

With the September/October School Holidays fast approaching, we have released the dates of our three School Holiday Barista Programs on the calendar! Now taking $50 initial deposits online, be sure to secure a spot early!

Exclusive to the holiday season, designed for those seeking a job as a Barista, we will be offering a special workshop that combines our beginner’s Signature and Professional Class and our Advanced Barista Course!

This Special Edition Course is designed exclusively for high-school students who are seeking a job in the Hospitality industry / or keen to find work in a Café alongside their studies. Students learn and develop the skills, confidence and finesse required to make café quality coffee in this tailored double workshop.

After being inundated with requests by various local cafes with vacancies for trained Baristas, we decided to design a course that would provide the opportunity for anyone keen to start working in the industry and eager to attain the necessary skills to become instantly job-ready to join our exclusive, Fast Track Barista Course.

Our Signature and Professional Course and Advanced Barista Course combined will ensure you are fully equipped with the skills needed to feel confident enough to work in a café the very next day.

With a special duration time, our Fast Track Barista Course will run from 9am – 3:00pm and includes a lunch provided by our affiliated Café: Jessie’s Café.

*Given it’s exclusive nature this course will only run during the WA School Holiday calendar.

Part One: [9.00am – 12.00pm]

In Part one of our workshop you will cover the fundamental understandings of the steps required to make café quality coffee. Using a commercial grade coffee machine, you’ll learn the secrets both in [practical and theory] behind the following:

  • The rich international history of coffee
  • How coffee is grown and harvested
  • The sophisticated roasting process
  • The characteristics of different coffee beans
  • Dosing and tamping
  • Pouring the perfect espresso shot
  • The art of milk texturing
  • Creating specialty drinks on a café menu
  • Maintaining a professional coffee machine
  • What to look for when purchasing beans

Lunch break: [30mins]

Part two:
[12.30pm – 3.00pm]

Part 2 of the workshop is extremely practical – challenging you to increase your coffee making skills so you can excel at creating multiple, high quality coffees in a busy café environment. You’ll gain experience, speed and confidence to give you the ultimate edge. You will learn the following

  • How to produce the perfect espresso pour by adjusting the grinder settings between fine and course as well as the amount dosed.
  • How to texture milk correctly. You’ll learn what “good” and “bad” milk looks, sounds and smells like and how to consistently produce “perfect” milk.
  • How to manage multiple coffee orders.
  • How to group coffee orders together to; speed up service
  • and become more efficient as well as splitting the milk to ensure the correct foam ratio is shared between multiple coffees
  • Workspace management tips and workflow


Classes are kept to a maximum of 9 participants to ensure there is enough opportunity for some one-on-one training with trainers.

Each participant receives a certificate of completion, and detailed workbooks to take home.

Availability shown below. Price is $240 per person. Secure your spot today with a $50.00 deposit , full payment require prior to the class.

*Minimum Participants: 6 for workshop to go ahead. * If  minimum numbers are not reached, participants are entitled to a full refund for their deposit.   Extension Classes: Latte Art Class + Roasting Appreciation

If this sounds like the course for you register your interest for the upcoming September/October School Holidays via

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