New Barista Class Launch

New Barista Class Launch So as you may know we have now launched Tuesday morning barista classes. To celebrate this we are offering 20% off all Signature and Professional Classes until 18/4/2015. Our Signature and Professional Course is designed for beginners, with a love of coffee. This

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Coffee making alarm clock

Start Your Morning Right – With the coffee making alarm clock The Coffee Making Alarm Clock – For those night owls who struggle with mornings, a cup of coffee is an essential ritual. For those who can’t even function enough to make that cup of coffee, there’s The

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The Invention of the Perfect Cup of Coffee

The Invention of the Perfect Cup of Coffee The Aeropress is receiving a lot of attention and praise at the moment and for good reason with the amount of benefits and the affordable price. Read on to this article from Backchannel to see how the creator of

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Should I Be Roasting Coffee at Home?

Barista School Perth Logo - Coffee Grinders - Burr V Blade

Should I Be Roasting Coffee at Home? Should you be roasting coffee at home? Yes of course you should! Okay see you next week…. No? You need more convincing than that? Okay. Well there are so many reasons why you should roast your own coffee beans but

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Know Your Coffee – Filter Vs Espresso

Espresso Vs Filter Coffee Our coffee making courses are heavily focussed on making espresso based coffee but that is not to say we don’t appreciate the value of a good filter coffee. In fact our head barista trainer Lloyd is far more likely to have a drip

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Coffee Recipe – Cappuccino Cooler

Cappuccino Cooler Ingredients: Good luck, and please send us photos and feedback of your efforts on Social Media. You can post to our Facebook Page, Tweet us @baristaschoolp or tag us on Instagram @baristaschoolperth

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Specialty Coffee: The Pursuit of Deliciousness

Specialty Coffee: The Pursuit of Deliciousness

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Better Coffee – The Perfect Christmas Present

Better Coffee – The Perfect Christmas Present It’s that time of year again! Christmas parties, talking to those relatives you keep at arms length for 350 days of the year and… hang on… there’s definitely something else… what is it? Oh no… Presents! So many friends and

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Coffee Recipe – Hot Buttered Toffee Coffee

Hot Buttered Toffee Coffee Ingredients: 120g of coffee/mocha ice cream 180g hot coffee 1 shot Butterscotch Topping Possible: 1/2 shot of almond liqueur Too much whipped cream Optional: Toffee pieces, chocolate or wafer, broken chocolate bars, sprinkles, sauces, anything you want sprinkle on top. Preparation: Spoon ice

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A Woman’s Body On Coffee

A Woman’s Body On Coffee Originally from: Prevention: The Health Benefits Of Coffee

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