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Florian Döring on Vimeo. I was sent this via email from a friend in the UK with the subject: “That’s How You Teach People to Make Coffee”. Now obviously we can’t make videos every time but I must admit, I’d much rather read that than read through

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What exactly is a Flat White?

What exactly is a Flat White?   The Flat White is a subject of huge debate between baristas from Australia and New Zealand who both claim the flat white as their own. Exactly what it is depends on who makes it and what they serve, but to

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The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Do you know that the world’s most expensive coffee is? It’s probably the world of coffee’s worst kept secret but the answer is Kopi Luwak or as it is affectionately known, ‘Weasel Coffee’ due to the strange process of having the beans digested by the Asian Palm

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Life is bitter enough. At least put sugar in your coffee

‘Life is bitter enough. At least put sugar in your coffee’ La vita e gia amara. Almeno metti lo zucchero al caffe For those of you used to the lighter roasts more common in Australia, where the emphasis is on bringing out the fruity and acidic flavours

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Making Coffee With a French Press

Making Coffee With a French Press Immersion Brewing techniques are often overlooked and forgotten about. We do not cover it in our courses but it’s amazing how easily you can mess up a plunger coffee. Follow these basic steps to ensure a delicious full bodied brew. Tips

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Barista Basics – Pouring Milk

Barista School Perth

Barista Basics – Pouring Milk Pouring milk? That’s the easy bit right? Make coffee, froth milk, pour milk, done. What could be simpler? You would not believe how many of our students mess this up, but how? Well that’s because pouring milk for coffee is actually counter

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How do I set my Coffee Grinder?

How should I set my grinder? There is a commonly held belief that a good barista will never touch their grinder. A good barista will find the right setting and leave it. NO! This is a terrible misconception, a good barista is always tinkering and adjusting and

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You think you drink a lot of coffee?

World Coffee Consumption

You think you drink a lot of coffee? So you think you drink a lot of coffee? Think again, compared to the rest of the world and especially Europe, we seem almost allergic to the stuff. If you scroll all the way down the list you’ll see

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Bread In Common – Great coffee, awful company

Bread in common – Great Coffee, Awful Company It’s 11:15am and I am drinking a delicious coffee in Fremantle surrounded by 2 clearly defined types of people. Wandering round you have effortlessly cool wait staff in simple apron and denim uniforms and the other what I like

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Kaffeine – Trained Baristas, The Search is Over

Kaffeine – Trained Baristas, The Search is Over My search for a great cup of coffee continues to Kaffeine on Great Tichfield Street, just a few minutes from Oxford Circus but most importantly the winner of the “Café Society – Best independent Café award in 2012”. Let’s

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