Coffee Grinders – Burr Vs Blade

Coffee Grinders – Burr Vs Blade

Baristas go on and on about the importance of the Coffee Grinder in making good coffee. I had Barista School Perth Logo - Coffee Grinders - Burr V Bladea customer tell me the other day that he looked into buying a grinder, in a shop that I feel I cannot name for reasons that will become clear. He was told that he could just use his home blade grinder for his coffee, just wash and re-use his multipurpose grinder. Any Barista reading this will now want to find this Vender and show him how wrong he was with a ‘Hand in Grinder’ style test. I beg you Baristas of Perth, calm down. If we work together, between us we can better educate people.

The most astute among you will notice that every Coffee Grinder we sell at our Jessie’s Café Store is a Coffee specific Burr Grinder. There is a reason for this. Blade Grinders or “Whirly Blade” grinders do not produce a consistent grind. Simply put, this means that the size of the grounds in any batch can be wildly varied. This means that the coffee extraction will be uneven.

Why does the even Grind make a difference?

The size of the grind directly affects taste. There is no, what if? No, but what about? You may even ask, “won’t these two just even each other out?” The answer is a resounding, emphatic all emcompassing NO! Larger grounds will cause under-extraction, which produces a thinner, weaker coffee and the smaller particles cause over-extraction, making the coffee bitter. This extraction problem is not good for your brewed coffee taste but it will ruin your espresso.

But I already have a Blade Grinder, how can I get around the uneven grind?

Well there is one very obvious fix for your problem, buy a Burr Coffee Grinder. However we’re a very forgiving bunch here at Barista School Perth, and we can offer fix, with the proviso that you understand you are papering over the metaphorical crack in the load baring wall in the foundations of your coffee house. In a blade grinder some beans are escaping the blades whilst others are being ground very fine. It is possible to minimalize the damage by repeatedly shaking and stirring in between grinds. Blitz, then shake then stir, then blitz again. This way you will end up with a more even grind, however there is a good chance your coffee will be ground very thin, almost like a Turkish coffee.

Hopefully that helps


  1. I have to say that this post is amazing. There’s nothing more valuable than good information in this day and age, after all we do live in the information age. Thanks for the info, it is really handy. My grinder gets a lot of mileage.

  2. Great post. I’ve been trying to look for a grinder for my Chemex coffee machine and this really helped me in my search! I’ve certainly found that a blade grinder doesn’t work as well as a burr grinder.

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