Advanced Barista Course

Advanced Barista Class

* Prerequisite: Our Signature and Professional Barista Class
We aim to create coffee experts, not just Barista’s. During the Advanced Barista Class you will expand on your skills and knowledge learned during our Signature and Professional Barista Class.

Course Outline:
This class is very practical, challenging you to increase your coffee making skills so you can excel at creating multiple, high quality coffees in a busy café environment. You’ll gain experience, speed and confidence.

Developing a reputation as a skilled Barista will only be achievable once you’ve mastered the fascinating theory behind the art of coffee making. In this class you will learn:

  • How to produce the perfect espresso pour by adjusting the grinder settings between fine and course as well as the amount dosed.
  • How to texture milk correctly. You’ll learn what “good” and “bad” milk looks, sounds and smells like and how to consistently produce “perfect” milk.
  • Tips and tricks to managing multiple coffee orders. How to group coffee orders together to speed up service and become more efficient as well as splitting the milk to ensure the correct foam ratio is shared between multiple coffees
  • Identification of commercial coffee machine components and maintenance requirements.
  • Workspace management tips and techniques.

The objective of the Advanced Barista Course is to give participants superior knowledge and practical skills to work professionally at a high level. Therefore, class sizes are kept to a maximum of 6 participants to increase one-on-one time with your instructor and practical time on the commercial machine.

Pricing and Bundle Bookings

Price: $165.00 per person

Bundle Bookings:
#1 Barista Pro in the making: Book our S+P & Advanced Workshop for $250.00 [save $80.00]
#2 Barista Mission Accomplished: Book our S+P, Advanced + Latte Art Workshop for $345.00 [save $105.00]
*All Bundle Bookings automatically calculate at checkout

Other Info

Requirements: Minimum Participants: 4 for class to go ahead. Maximum Participants: 6
Prerequisite: Our Signature and Professional Barista Class
Extension Classes: Latte Art, Roasting Appreciation.

To give the Advanced Barista Class as a gift go to the Barista Course Gift Voucher page in our online shop. We can email a personalised gift voucher for you or you can choose to have it emailed to you to forward on.

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