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Coffee is more than popular: it’s ubiquitous. No other beverage is as revered or respected. Coffee Shops are the fastest growing niche in the restaurant business.” – Business Insider Australia

Acquiring the skills of a competent barista is a valuable skill in today’s growing industry. Our training programs enable participants to learn the fundamentals skills to produce café quality coffees.  We explore workflow techniques and tips and tricks to work in a successful café and share our industry secrets to give you a desirable edge for future employment.

We haven’t had such overwhelming positive feedback from our participants from any other courses we have sent them too! -Trevor Smith, Employment Services Group

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Job-Seekers Intensive One-Day Workshop

Employment service groups! Give your clients or students the best chance at employment in the hospitality industry by booking into the Fast Track Barista Workshop.

This interactive one day program combines our Signature and Professional Course [beginner’s course] and our Advanced Barista Course.

Job-seekers will gain an appreciation and knowledge of coffee and be provided with practical training on a commercial grade coffee machine. Watch them gain skills and confidence as they discover the secrets of dosing and tamping, how to pour a perfect espresso shot, the art of milk texturing and how to create specialty drinks on a café menu. To ensure they leave with extra confidence our barista trainers will provide plenty of tips, tricks and practical advice on how to manage your work space whilst producing quality coffees consistently in a busy environment.

Overall, this program is an extremely positive experience for everyone involved.

“To empower and restore confidence in people is one of the many privileges I feel when working with people from Employment Services Groups. Having fun, coming together as a collective group, and being able to share practical skill is such a rewarding experience.”- Jacinta, BSP Barista Trainer

Not only will they feel reenergised, inspired and feeling confident in their ability to make a great tasting coffee, they will also receive a certificate of completion for their records if ever they feel they wish to pursue a career in the industry.

Recommended: 7-hour course | $250 per person | 6-9 participants


Please contact us at to discuss your booking requirements.


“The students were not intimidated by the process nor by using commercial grade machines, they took to the task with confidence and really enjoyed the method.” – Mr. Overton, Trinity.

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