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Barista School Perth is sure to have a course to suit your needs. We offer regular courses for the home or commercial barista, advanced workshops, latte art workshops as well as facilitating barista training and fun workshops at your home or office location.

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At the Barista School Perth we have a course to suit the experience and requirements of everyone.




An introductory barista course covering the fundamentals of coffee making.

This course is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of coffee, from growing and roasting to brewing and serving the perfect cup. We will explain and demonstrate the techniques for achieving consistent milk texture and temperature. We offer plenty of practice on a commercial coffee machine, so that you can really perfect your technique and coffee presentation.

WHAT’S NEXT? Our Advanced Barista Course is a great progressive course to get you job ready for the busy cafe environment. Making delicious coffee is an art that requires patience and practice to master the craft.








A must for those serious about mastering the barista techniques to gain work in the industry

Designed as the natural progression after the successful completion of our Coffee Fundamentals course. Our advanced course is focused for the aspiring barista who has either already completed a basic course or has some experience working as a barista already who wants to level up their skills! As such, prior coffee making experience is a prerequisite to this course.

We’ll start you off with a quick recap of espresso extraction and milk texturing techniques, before quickly turning theory into practice and simulating a busy cafe environment.

Our barista trainers will break down the fundamentals of workflow and efficiency, sharing their secrets to working like a well-oiled machine to deliver fast, delicious coffee. We’ll also focus on troubleshooting common errors, both human and machine and demonstrate advanced texturing, splitting and pouring techniques as we work our way through the coffee menu. Finally, we’ll put your skills to the test in our speed test – quickest and best tasting coffee wins!

We want to make sure you get the absolute most out of our courses, so if you’re brand new to coffee making, please check out of Coffee Fundamentals or Fast Track course instead!

WHAT’S NEXT? Our Latte Art Workshop where you can master the delicate techniques of milk texturing and free pouring to create classic latte art patterns. This will really set your barista game apart from the rest.








Learn to make beautiful latte art shapes in this specialty workshop.

Our Latte Art Workshop is all about mastering the delicate techniques of milk texturing and free-pouring to create beautiful latte art shapes. This artisan skill will set your barista game apart from the rest. On completion of this workshop you will have a better understanding of the proper aeration and texturing techniques to pour the classic latte art patterns; Heart, Tulip and Rosetta.






Meet our passionate team of baristatrainers who will ensure that your coffee experience is nothing short of amazing.

Her smile and laugh lights up the room! She is a soft, gentle soul and has the most friendly and caring teaching approach – she is a wealth of coffee knowledge.
Coffee of choice: long black
You know when you meet someone and they are good at EVERYTHING – Well that is our Chelsea – pretty much whatever this lady touches she turns to gold. Chelsea has grown up in the hospitality industry, she has a love for art and expresses this passion through her coffee making skills.
Coffee of choice: Long black
Meet Jesse the backup “Jessie” or as we like to refer to our very own Mr bean! Quite fitting don’t you think? … Considering he works in the coffee “bean” industry! He has quirk, a quick sense of humor and is a walking coffee dictionary, always whipping out the fun facts!
Coffee of choice: Long mac ‘topped up’ and lots of them!
Emma’s natural talents and flair stood out as well as her team spirit. Having worked closely with our barista trainers to perfect her own coffee making skills, she is now sharing and guiding others on their coffee making journey. Emma is our assistant trainer at the Barista School for our large group bookings.
Coffee of choice: Long mac ‘topped up

Team-building & Corporate Bookings

Why not try something different for your next team-building or corporate event. We have a range of courses and workshops that offer a fun alternative to the traditional team-building as well as great networking events over coffee.

Whatever the event we can design a coffee experience that suits all of your requirements and is destined to impress!

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