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The home of Perth’s most innovative and entertaining Barista Training.

At Jessie’s Café we say that ‘life’s too short to drink bad coffee’. We have spent so many years striving for perfection because we know how great it can be and that’s why we put our all into every cup we make. So we set up Barista School Perth, where our experienced baristas can teach you all the skills you need to make great tasting coffee whenever you want.

The key to Barista School Perth is our passion. We love coffee, we enjoy it and that, is what we want to pass on to you. The difference between our barista training and others is the relaxed and welcoming environment. We don’t use a sterile, classroom ‘teaching’ style, we want to show you how fun coffee can be and why we have dedicated our lives to it.

So whether you’re as fanatical as we are or you’re just looking to try something new, come and join in, have fun, and hopefully you’ll fall in love with coffee too.

\\ Jess \\


Jess is the driving force behind Barista School Perth. She was born and raised in the world of coffee and after several years successfully running Jessie’s Cafe there can be few people better equipped to guide us through.  She leaves the teaching side to her self-selected guru team, whilst she works her magic behind the scenes!  She has a zest for life and lives by the motto “be the energy you want to attract!
For coffee: long mac topped up.

\\ Kali \\

Barista + Barista Trainer [12 years experience!]

Kali is always wearing a smile that quickly turns into an infectious laugh. She lights up the Café and the BSP training room with her aura and energy. After years of experience in the coffee industry and having a knack for training new staff it was only fitting she put on her teaching hat and joined our selected team of barista trainers. She has had the opportunity to work in a wide range of speciality coffee shops enabling her to keep up with the latest trends and fads that have developed in the Perth coffee scene and lucky for us, she is willing to share all. Coffee choice: Long black


\\ Georgia \\

Marketing Manger + Bookings and Administration Assistance

Georgia is our marketing guru and pretty much all round superstar! She works closely with Jess to create a streamline booking system and is the lightbulb behind our campaigns and Barista Programs. She is always wearing a smile and lives by the words “wander often, wonder always” Her coffee of choice: Long Black 99% of the time and… 1% of the time LM topped up!

\\ Jesse \\

Barista + Barista Trainer [20+ years experience!]

Meet Jesse our backup “Jessie”! He has quirk, a quick sense of humor and is a walking coffee dictionary, always whipping out the fun facts! He is our dedicated trainer on Thursday’s and Saturdays. He has years of experience in the coffee industry and therefore has plenty to share! He has this incredible knack for making you hang onto every word he says – engaging is an understatement! Coffee choice: long mac ‘topped up’ and lots of them!

\\ Lloyd \\

Head Roaster & Barista Trainer

Although we don’t like to tell Lloyd this too much… he is kind of a big deal around here… He was one of our original Barista trainers and had a large influence on all of our course outlines and content. Lloyd has since moved to the roasting side, however, if you are lucky enough he still teaches a S+P and his famous Roasting Appreciation Course once a month.
For coffee: soy long mac [bonsoy] with a touch of sugar!

\\ Chelsea \\

Barista , Part time Roaster + Barista Trainer [15+ years experience]

You know when you meet someone and they are good at EVERYTHING – Well that is our Chelsea – pretty much whatever this lady touches she turns to gold. Chelsea has grown up in the hospitality industry, she has a love for art and expresses this passion through her coffee making skills. Chels only puts her teaching hat on when we… 1) need back up or 2) have lots of Booking – we like number two! [so don’t forget to tell your friends about us] Coffee choice: morning coffee with almond milk. Double ristretto in the afternoon.

lifes too short to drink bad coffee perth

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