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Barista Courses

Barista Courses

Here at Barista School Perth we love great coffee. It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us up at night. Unfortunately we are no longer content with simply having you drink our coffee, we want to show off all the hard work we’ve put into it and this is our chance. We have set our school to run not only the most informative, but also the most enjoyable barista courses in Perth. All of our courses have been designed by our Head Barista, Roaster and Barista Trainer Lloyd. Lloyd brings vast experience, not only as an in-house Barista Trainer for professional cafes but also at several of Perth’s very best cafes and Roasters. We feel very confident in saying you are learning from the very best.

Barista Courses Perth

Signature & Professional Barista Training

Our Signature Barista Course is designed to give you all skills you need to make great coffee. Starting from the beginning, this hands-on course will teach you how to prepare and pour the perfect espresso. Whether you want to learn to make coffee at home or you want to train to be a professional barista.


Latte Art Class

Latte Art Workshop

At our Latte Art Workshop our trainers will teach you all the techniques that make your coffee look as good as it tastes. The session includes learning the art of milk texturing as well as free-pouring basic designs including the classic Tulip, Heart and Rosetta

Coffee Roasting Appreciation Course

Coffee Roasting Appreciation Class

At our Roasting Appreciation course you will have the opportunity to view and engage in three separate single origin roasts and learn about the different stages and progressions during the roasting process.

All our courses are available as Gifts, just go to the Gift Vouchers page to see your options.

Bookings can be made in store, via email or by phone. Full payment must be made, before classes start, in store, over the phone or by bank transfer. We can not confirm your place until you have paid in full, and places are very limited.

Have a look and register in one of our upcoming courses, or view our calendar for barista courses in coming months.

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