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There is no doubt that coffee is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed all around the world, but did you know that different countries have their own ways of consuming it ? We consider ourselves to be coffee nerds at Barista School Perth and love researching new coffee facts and discovering  how coffee lovers all around the world enjoy their favourite drink in their own unique way.

If you aren’t travelling anytime soon you can still enjoy a complete coffee lovers experience here in Perth, at Barista School Perth.  As for coffee etiquette at Barista School Perth, there’s nothing too serious – we just ask that you are lover of coffee and all things coffee related. We invite you to try any flavour combinations and coffee styles that you like – its all about having fun with coffee at Barista School Perth. We offer Signature and Professional classes, Latte Art classes and Corporate Team Building classes. For more information or to check the availability of any of our classes please head here –

BBarista School Perth Latte Art

If you happen to be travelling to France, Italy, Vietnam or Bosnia any time soon these infographics have got you covered. These are our favourite facts from each country:

France / Hold the mug with both hands, coffee is served after dessert and always drink a cafe au lait (latte) in the morning from a wide mug allowing for easy croissant dunking (yum!)

Italy / Liquor is occasionally added to coffee (the Irish coined this long ago), drink espresso quickly, like a shot, standing at the bar

Vietnam / Traditionally served with with a few teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk making it taste more like a dessert than a beverage (if you haven’t tried this – do ! It’s amazing!)

Bosnia  / Take one bite of sugar allowing it to dissolve under your tongue whilst sipping coffee

Barista School Perth Coffee Etiquette

Barista School Perth Coffee Etiquette 2

Barista School Perth Coffee Etiquette 1


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