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Accredited Barista Class

We have decided to add an additional section to our website – Frequently Asked Questions. This is designed to act as a open forum for you, our customers. We want to know what you think and what you need clarification on.  At Barista School Perth no question is a silly question. We pride ourselves on running our classes in an extremely inclusive environment and want to extend this online and on social media.

Something we are regularly asked about at is accreditation. We want to clear up a few things regarding accredited barista classes.

Firstly we are not accredited and do not run accredited barista classes, this may or may not concern budding baristas.

Fear not, contrary to popular belief you do not require a formal qualification like other regulated industries. In fact, Jess, the manager of Jessie’s Cafe, where we run our barista classes has hired many of her staff without certification.

Most schools offering accredited courses are large Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who are not specialists in the world of coffee… and you can taste it!  You will receive the best training in the industry from experienced Baristas and a certificate on completion proving you’ve completed professional training. This is usually all that is required when applying for Barista work.

At Jessie’s and many other Perth cafes accreditation isn’t an important factor in getting the job. Knowing how to make a great cup of coffee, a positive attitude and excellent customer service skills are the front runners in becoming a barista.

Here’s a couple of our success stories from Barista School Perth and Jessie’s Cafe.

Lloyd // Head Trainer, Head Roaster, Occasional Barista + Resident Coffee Nerd

Jessies Cafe Staff Lloyd

Lloyd is absolute proof that a accreditation certificate is pretty unnecessary. After a 3 year stint of studying teaching Lloyd realised he had 2 passions, teaching and coffee.  He wanted to teach Perth about coffee and show them the difference between a good, bad and amazing coffee. This lead to Lloyd owning and running his own cafe for 2 years. From here Lloyd developed a keen interest in beans, where they’re from and the roasting of them. Lloyd has been with us for 2 years, roasting and training, describing it as his dream job. Drinking coffee all day? Not too shabby.

Gemma // Head Barista, Cafe Manager, Barista Trainer + Super Mum

Jessies Cafe Staff Gemma

Gemma is an absolute success story. Hardworking with a bubbly and bright personality we are lucky to have Gem! Gemma is a mum to two young boys and still has the energy to run a cafe, run our courses and make the best carrot cake ever! Talk about a Super Mum! Gemma owned and ran her own cafe in New Zealand, from serving to making fresh food at 4.30am, Gem did it all. Gemma made the move to Australia in April 2015 and has been with us ever since.


Book into our classes here – https://baristaschoolperth.com.au/barista-courses/








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