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Introduction From Barista School Perth

Here at Barista School Perth, we’re all about sharing our passion for great coffee. We want people to join us on our pursuit for the perfect cup of coffee. The best blend of beans perfectly ground, dosed and tamped, with clear filtered water run through and textured milk artistically layered on top… Voila! Simple right?… Nope. We pride ourselves on being pretty close but there’s always more to learn, more courses to go on, different techniques to try and new experiences to have. That’s why we want more Baristas, more enthusiasts, more obsessives so we have more people to discuss our findings with, learn from, and let’s face it, more people we can show off a bit to!

So, on top of all of our classes here at Barista School Perth (held at Jessie's Café) we will be running this blog. Some posts will be directly from our Trainers, with their insights into your coffee set up or their experiences, others will just be new techniques we’ve seen or things from the world of coffee that caught our eye. Hopefully we will be able to answer some questions you have, raise some you didn’t know you had and generally be a bit interesting. Let us guide on your coffee journey… or something a bit less grandiose.

If you have any questions about our posts or even topics you’d like us to write about, please leave a comment or send us a message using the contact form, with the subject Blog Post. This blog is for you, so we would like as much input as possible.

Yours in Coffee


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