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Barista School Perth is what we like to call home for all fellow coffee lovers of Perth. It is our mission to share our coffee knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

Located in the industrial area of Myaree, our coffee haven is home to Jessie’s Café + Roasting Co where our team of Barista Trainers currently roast and serve coffee – keeping up to date with the latest trends in the Perth coffee scene.

Together with over 50+ years combined experience our dedicated team of baristas have created a range of short barista courses and services to suit your needs.

As we know in a booming industry such as the Perth coffee scene, time is of the essence!

This is why we have created bundle booking options to help save your pennies and fast track you along your coffee making journey and become industry ready.

To view our upcoming class schedule, head to our online Course Calendar here.

For more information about our courses please view our Barista Courses page.

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Fast Track Barista Workshop


Fast Track Barista Workshop.

* Bundle Booking Special Price $250 [save $80] *

The Fast Track Barista Workshop is designed exclusively for those who are seeking a job in the industry. Participants will learn and develop the skills, confidence and finesse required to make café quality coffee in this tailored double workshop combining the Signature & Professional Course and Advanced Barista Course.

Signature & Professional

Signature and Professional Barista Course
– Our welcome course and the first step in your coffee knowledge journey with us –
Duration 3.5 hours  |  $135.00 per person

Our welcome course is designed for the home barista in training as well as those coffee lovers keen to make a start in the industry. Learn about the rich international history of coffee and the fundamentals of coffee making including; espresso extraction, milk texturing, dosing and tamping, and machine maintenance.

Advanced Barista Course

Advanced Barista Workshop
– For those serious about making high quality coffee that will delight –
Duration 4 hours  |  $165.00 per person

The next step on your coffee knowledge journey, and a must for those serious about making good coffee. This course breaks down the techniques for espresso production and producing a consistent milk texture and temperature.   Create and learn the coffee menu whilst picking up some useful tips and tricks for working in a busy Café environment.

Latte Art Workshop

Latte Art Workshop
– Learn to make beautiful latte art shapes in this specialty workshop –
Duration 2 hours  |  $120.00 per person

This specialty workshop will guide you through the delicate techniques required to make your coffee look as good as it tastes. Master the technique of milk texturing and free pouring as you learn how to create the classic latte art shapes: hearts, rosettas and tulips.  Suitable for baristas competent in milk texturing.

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Bring a friend or friends to our beginners S+P class and receive 15% off each

*Automatically calculates at checkout  

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Book our S+P and Advanced workshop for $250.00 [save $80.00]

*Automatically calculates at checkout

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Book our S+P, Advanced + Latte Art Workshops for $345.00 [save $105.00]

*Automatically calculates at checkout

Meet our passionate team of Barista Trainers at Barista School Perth

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– Kali –
Kali is always wearing a smile that quickly turns into an infectious laugh. She lights up the Café and the BSP training room with her aura and energy. After years of experience in the coffee industry and having a knack for training new staff it was only fitting she put on her teaching hat and joined our selected team of barista trainers. She has had the opportunity to work in a wide range of speciality coffee shops enabling her to keep up with the latest trends and fads that have developed in the Perth coffee scene and lucky for us, she is willing to share all.

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– Jesse –
Meet Jesse our backup “Jessie”! He has quirk, a quick sense of humour and is a walking coffee dictionary, always whipping out the fun facts! He is our dedicated trainer on Thursday’s and Saturdays. He has years of experience in the coffee industry and therefore has plenty to share! He has this incredible knack for making you hang onto every word he says – engaging is an understatement!

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– Chelsea –
You know when you meet someone and they are good at EVERYTHING – Well that is our Chelsea – pretty much whatever this lady touches she turns to gold. Chelsea has grown up in the hospitality industry, she has a love for art and expresses this passion through her coffee making skills. Chels only puts her teaching hat on when we… 1) need back up or 2) have lots of Booking – we like number two! [so don’t forget to tell your friends about us]

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