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Here at Barista School Perth, we love the coffee culture, the joy that first sip of coffee brings you in the morning, the passion of the people working in the industry and the sense of community it creates.

This sense of community forms the foundations of our training philosophy at Barista School Perth. Our mission is to share our passion and knowledge with as many people as possible.

Our training techniques include theory components to understand each fundamental step with adequate hands on time to consolidate each newly acquired skill. We ensure our content is delivered in an engaging and interactive environment, using the best quality machines and equipment to enhance the learning experience. Our barista trainers are constantly updating their skills and building on their knowledge to ensure we are teaching the most current trends and techniques in the specialty coffee industry.

Our learning environment is inclusive and unpretentious, and we manage this by keeping class sizes small under the guidance of our passionate and friendly trainers. You will have plenty of practical time on the machine, with unlimited milk and coffee to perfect your technique.

Our Barista School Perth team and Jessie’s Cafe family are incredibly passionate and inspiring and will support you along every step of your coffee knowledge journey.

Most importantly, we want you to have fun with the learning experience, to feel a sense of accomplishment in your achievements, and to share your passion and new-found knowledge with those around you.

That’s how we’ll know we are succeeding in our mission.