Barista School Perth was born out of a vision to combine our love for delicious coffee with our mission to share our knowledge with as many people as possible.

For many, all around the world, drinking coffee has become a daily ritual. It connects us with our fellow coffee lovers and creates a sense of community that feels like home.

Jessie’s Café & Roasting Co is our sister café and home to our coffee community. We have been sharing our delicious coffee to our wonderful customers since September 2012.

Jessie is the devoted owner and inspiration behind Jessies Café & Roasting Co and Barista School Perth. She shares an amazing energy and love for her team and her customers, and they are the driving reason for bringing her vision to life.

The barista team at Jessie’s Café are wildly passionate about coffee and it made perfect sense to create a community where the exchange of knowledge and inspiring stories could be shared.

With an uncompromising commitment to quality, we are constantly evolving our barista courses with the most up to date knowledge in order to keep ahead of the dynamic specialty coffee industry.

We deliver the ultimate experience in seeing the process from start to finish and we encourage an interactive and participative learning environment. We believe in teaching the age-old techniques using state of the art equipment because that is what makes the difference between a good barista and one that shines.



Barista , Part time Roaster + Barista Trainer [20+ years experience]

Meet Jesse the backup “Jessie” or as we like to refer to our very own Mr bean! Quite fitting don’t you think? … Considering he works in the coffee “bean” industry! He has quirk, a quick sense of humor and is a walking coffee dictionary, always whipping out the fun facts! He joined our team in 2016 and is our dedicated trainer on Thursday’s and Saturdays. He has plenty to share and is full of knowledge, and has this knack for making you hang onto every word he says – engaging is an understatement! Enjoy the quirk!

Coffee of choice: Long mac ‘topped up’ and lots of them!


Barista , Part time Roaster + Barista Trainer [15+ years experience]

You know when you meet someone and they are good at EVERYTHING – Well that is our Chelsea – pretty much whatever this lady touches she turns to gold. Chelsea has grown up in the hospitality industry, she has a love for art and expresses this passion through her coffee making skills. Chels only puts her teaching hat on when we… 1) need back up or 2) have lots of Booking – we like number two! [so don’t forget to tell your friends about us]

Coffee of choice: Long Black



Jess is the driving force behind Barista School Perth. She was born and raised in the world of coffee and after several years successfully running Jessie’s Cafe there can be few people better equipped to guide us through. She leaves the teaching side to her self-selected guru team, whilst she works her magic behind the scenes! She has a zest for life and lives by the motto “be the energy you want to attract!

Coffee of choice: Long mac ‘topped up


Operations Manager

Gemma has been working in the industry for over 10 years and is our newest member of the Barista School Perth and Jessies Cafe family. Although, you might have seen her working casually in Jessie’s cafe over the years… planting the seed for her future debut! Gemma is a passionate traveller and coffee enthusiast, having travelled the world working on luxury motor yachts and seeing some incredible sights, we feel incredibly lucky to have her settled back in Perth and delighting our customers daily.

Coffee of choice: Long mac with soy milk