Bundle One

Coffee Fundamentals

This course is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of coffee, from growing and roasting to brewing and serving the perfect cup.  We will walk you through the technical skills required for dosing and tamping, grinder adjustment and espresso tasting, before bringing it all together to pull the perfect shot.  We will explain and demonstrate the techniques for achieving consistent milk texture and temperature.  We offer plenty of practice on a commercial coffee machine, so that you can really perfect your technique and coffee presentation.  A variety of differing machines and equipment are available, so you are ready for anything! Unlimited milk and coffee supplied.

Advanced Barista

A progressive course following Coffee Fundamentals.  This course is for the aspiring barista seeking employment in the industry or a trained barista looking to polish up their skills. Starting off with a quick recap on espresso extraction and milk texturing techniques, we apply the theory to practice, simulating the busy cafe environment.  Our barista trainers break down the barista work-flow, sharing their secrets behind a smooth flow of service and troubleshooting for common machine errors. We will demonstrate and practice the techniques for milk texturing, splitting and pouring as we work our way through the coffee menu.  Finally, put your skills to the test in our speed test – quickest and best tasting coffee wins!