Our very first school holiday program

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For the Term 3 School Holidays, the team decided to reach out to highschool students and offer an exclusive, School Holiday Barista Workshop which combined the Signature & Professional Class and the Advanced Barista Course in a special 8 hour day course.

On both Wednesday’s and Fridays of the 2-week school holiday break, our Barista trainers Jesse and Jacinta were able to share their vast experience and knowledge, and passion for coffee with equally as passionate young aspiring baristas!

The idea sparked after receiving fantastic feedback from a teacher at Trinity College after completing one of our Team Building Workshops.

“The students were not intimidated by the process nor by using commercial grade machines, they took to the task with confidence and really enjoyed the method.” – Mr. Overton, Trinity.

Since majority of our Barista Classes run mid-week and during school hours, we thought it would be a great opportunity for younger adults who are keen on working in the hospitality industry and in a café environment to run a combined beginner and advanced course during the school holidays – outlining an 8 hour day to also suit working parents.

Our Barista School Holiday workshop was divided into two parts, and included both theory and practical work, with a workbook each students could fill in and take notes with throughout.

Part 1 of the workshop covered the fundamental understandings of the steps required to make café quality coffee. Using a commercial grade coffee machine, Jesse and Jacinta demonstrated in theory and practical the following;

  • The rich international history of coffee
  • How coffee is grown and harvested
  • The sophisticated roasting process
  • The characteristics of different coffee beans
  • Dosing and tamping
  • Pouring the perfect espresso shot
  • The art of milk texturing
  • Creating specialty drinks on a café menu
  • Maintaining a professional coffee machine
  • What to look for when purchasing beans

Part 2 of the workshop was extremely practical – challenging students to increase their coffee making skills to ensure they excel at creating multiple, high quality coffees in a busy café environment. Focusing on teaching the importance of speed and confidence students learnt the below;

  • How to produce the perfect espresso pour by adjusting the grinder settings between fine and course as well as the amount dosed.
  • How to texture milk correctly. You’ll learn what “good” and “bad” milk looks, sounds and smells like and how to consistently produce “perfect” milk.
  • How to manage multiple coffee orders.
  • How to group coffee orders together to; speed up service
  • and become more efficient as well as splitting the milk to ensure the correct foam ratio is shared between multiple coffees
  • Helpful work space management tips

After receiving fantastic feedback from participants at the end of each class, we are confident that our first attempt at an exclusive School Holiday Program for students was a success, and will look at releasing another Program in future School Holidays to come.

“I think it was really good for beginners and it gave me a great head start for the future.” – Dylan, age 15 attended the Week 1 Wednesday Course.

To enquire about our next School Holiday Program or to join the wait list for the Summer Holiday release, email Danielle at [email protected].

See below for some of the photos taken during the various workshops .. which as you will tell from the silliness and smiles that the trainers and students were having a little too much fun!

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